5 Dana! 5 Days!

5 dana do otvaranja prijava za Extreme Enduro Lika utrku

5 days till open REGISTRATION for Extreme Enduro Lika race.

Poštovani Vozači / Dear Riders,

Pripreme za utrku Extreme Enduro Lika 2021 su počele!

Planirani termin održavanja utrke je od 16. do 18. travnja 2021. godine, naravno ako nam dozvoli epidemija bolesti COVID-19 uzrokovane virusom SARS-CoV-2.

Preparations for the Extreme Enduro Lika 2021 race have begun!

The planned date of the race is April 16th to 18th 2021, of course, if the epidemic of COVID-19 disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus allows us.

Land of the Wolf 7


From 06. to 08. of September 2019., in a small village of Kunovac Kupirovački the seven  edition of Extreme Enduro Lika race „ LAND OF THE WOLF 7“ will take place. 

Dear riders ??

Dear riders ??

At this moment we have 409 riders (on list of riders) from 11 nations. 
105 riders from Slovenia ??
95 riders from Austria??
38 riders from Germany??
77 riders from Croatia ??
58 riders from Italy ??
21 riders from Czech Republic??
9 riders from Bosnia and Hercegovima??️ 
3 riders from San Marino ??
1 rider from Poland ??
1 rider from Slovakia ??
1 rider from Switzerland ??

We also have about 50 riders on Waiting list, so if you already know that you will not come on the race and you are on list of riders PLEASE ? send us mail so we can take riders from Waiting list.



From 07. to 09. of September 2018., in a small village of Kunovac Kupirovački the sixth edition of Extreme Enduro Lika race „ LAND OF THE WOLF 6“ will take place. This year Extreme Enduro fans will have three days of racing and we promise you a great adventure and, a weekend filled with adrenaline!

EEL 2017 - PROLOG Spectators Area 3D MAP

Karta za gledaoce kako doći do mjesta predviđenih za gledaoce .

Postavili smo i oznake koje pokazuju koje sve CP možete vidjeti na tom djelu .

Map for Spectators area

We also put a markings with numbers of CP that you can see on that area .

BRIEFING RACE  day / 10.09.2017  at 8:30h

The race starts at 9:00 from the Paddock and will be finished in Paddock as it was last 5 year. First will start Experts and Team drivers  and then  Veteran class, Hobby regardless of class at times achieved on the prologue ( Owerall results of all  klases ).  Faster riders go first and then slower.  Start will be every 20 seconds one driver, except for Class Team that will start every 20 seconds  1 team. After starting EXPERT and team  class will be a break of 15 minutes, and then start the other classes.


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