EEL 2017 - PROLOG Spectators Area 3D MAP

Karta za gledaoce kako doći do mjesta predviđenih za gledaoce .

Postavili smo i oznake koje pokazuju koje sve CP možete vidjeti na tom djelu .

Map for Spectators area

We also put a markings with numbers of CP that you can see on that area .

BRIEFING RACE  day / 10.09.2017  at 8:30h

The race starts at 9:00 from the Paddock and will be finished in Paddock as it was last 5 year. First will start Experts and Team drivers  and then  Veteran class, Hobby regardless of class at times achieved on the prologue ( Owerall results of all  klases ).  Faster riders go first and then slower.  Start will be every 20 seconds one driver, except for Class Team that will start every 20 seconds  1 team. After starting EXPERT and team  class will be a break of 15 minutes, and then start the other classes.

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